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Sparkliest Party

Stay Gold is San Francisco’s gayest, sparkliest, dirtiest dance party east of the Castro. On the last Wednesday of the month, queers of every stripe line up at the door of the Make-Out Room and hand over “3 gay dollars” to get their grind on. This March 31st, it will be four years running that DJ’s Pink Lightning and Rapid Fire have been dropping their signature “hella gay dance jamz.” In honor of their four year anniversary, The Queerist decided to get down on all fours with Stay Gold’s DJ’s. Here’s what they had to say about it:

4 things that make Stay Gold golden:

◊ Major Grinding. Like, for real. Also, lap dancing and other seriously sexy dancing that usually involves someone’s feet being above or behind their head.

◊ It’s such a family vibe up in here! We really love the Stay Gold crew and all our guest DJ’s are friends and fans of the party. Amos Mac brings his fine-ass photography to the mix, and we’ve had the same mega-foxy door girl for years – Caitlin Sweet.

◊ The fact that after four years it is still only 3 gay dollars to get in – that’s pretty uncommon at this point in San Francisco.

◊ Make-Out Room being such a cute-ass venue! It’s like “70′s Disco Prom” meets “rustic Tahoe cabin” chic. The Make-Out Room staff loves Stay Gold and repeatedly tell us that’s it’s one of their favorite nights to work. And, let’s get real, most importantly the marquee outside says it all: “PDA ENCOURAGED.”

PDA encouraged

4 favorite hella gay dance jamz:

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life – Indeep

Finally – CeCe Peniston

Show Me Love – Robin S

Freedom – George Michael

Getting Down

4 most memorable Stay Gold moments:

◊ Our friend Tucker used to throw a party at the Make-Out Room with Pink Lightning called PYT. She was killed in a hit and run bike accident, and the first Stay Gold was a memorial for her. Droves of people came out to the Make-Out Room that night. The feeling was pretty indescribable. People worked it out on the dance floor and danced through their tears. There were large posters of her displayed around the club. It was really an unforgettable night. We definitely keep it going in honor of her.

◊ For our 2 year anniversary we had almost every one of our favorite DJ’s play music with us. This party feels like such a community event that it was important for us to have everyone there with us.

◊ Halloween 2007. We always do a Halloween party, but that year it was right on October 31st. It was the first time there was a line down the block for the whole night. People were decked out in insane costumes. Mind-blowing.

◊ Pride. Full Stop. Every year has been so off the wall! We’ve got no words for it. We’re done.

Mixed Queers

4 things that have changed since you started this party:

◊ How much more mixed of a queer party this has become. It’s a Mission hot spot and seems to represent the community in that sense. This has been something we really wanted to see happen!

◊ Ummm, to be perfectly honest, we have gotten older. And man, things look way different now then they did when we were 24! But our love for this party never ceases to grow.

◊ The music that we play has changed too. When we started we were playing whatever the hell we felt like. More obscure stuff, more disco, more Motown and soul. Now, folks want to hear more of the hits, so we tend to play more. More hip-hop, new electro-disco, pop music, etc. That having been said, we also stay true to our roots and play some of our favorite jams and the crowd usually freaks out and loves it.

◊ The number of people that come through the doors every month! When Stay Gold started it felt like a basement house party, super DIY and underground. Now it’s like a basement house party with hundreds of people! We’re constantly amazed at how many people love Stay Gold and turn it out month after month, year after year. This party has just taken on a life of its own, and all the gays and queers who want to grind and make out on the dance floor have really made it what it is.

DJ Pink Lightning and DJ Rapid Fire

DJ Pink Lightning is a seriously gay DJ who loves getting her nails done, hot pink and sex on the beach.

DJ Rapid Fire makes you get freaky at the Make-Out Room and all over this city. She’ll be spinning at Double Dip at The Catclub (4/23) and Blood, Sweat & Queers at LiPo Lounge (5/8). DJ Rapid Fire also loves karaoke, dressin’ hella fly and drinking bubbly water in the sun.

Photos by Amos Mac and Lily Lysle.

This month at Stay Gold:

Wednesday, March 31 10:30pm-2:00am (and the last Wednesday of every month)
The Make-Out Room, 22nd street between Mission/Valencia
Double Duchess – Krylon Superstar and DavO from Blood, Sweat & Queers will hop-scotch, lip-smack, gum-pop, hand-clap and party-rap!
Amos Mac will take your pretty picture
Caitlin Sweet will take your pretty $3 gay dollars

DJ Bunnystyle is a classically trained musician turned math-rocker turned DJ. He’s from Philadelphia and is currently living under the influence of San Francisco. He talks about music, technology and parties at

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